Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Review: LeRoy US Marshal by Neil Hunter

No matter the odds, U.S. Marshal Alvin LeRoy always completed his assignments. That’s why they sent him after the Reno bunch. LeRoy was single-minded once he was on the trail. He wouldn’t back down and had a fearsome reputation for always finishing what he started.

His pursuit took him across southwest Texas, where he faced up to bushwhackers and the aftermath of a massacre as he relentlessly tracked down and dealt with the baddest bunch he had come across in quite a while.

Following a trail of deception and danger, he eventually ended up in New York. Here he faced the menacing top man of the crime syndicate who was behind the whole affair, and didn’t stop until there wasn’t a man left standing.

This is a new series featuring a character previously found in the Bodie series. I wasn't familiar with him, being a new recruit to Bodie, but found myself instantly comfortable with him. He is a man of violence but he also has morals, which play strongly right to the end.

The first thing that struck me about this book was that there are no chapter headings. However, each scene is clearly identified and once you get used to it, it's a very easy format to read. Having spoken to the author recently I understand this was deliberate to give the reader a feeling of being at a movie, moving from scene to scene with an easy flow. I think it worked well.

The story is well paced and includes an interesting collection of characters. I was particularly impressed with the female who, although her part was fairly minor, came across as a strong, realistically portrayed lady of the era. She's one I'd like to see pop up again in the future.

All in all, an easy to read, well paced and exciting read that I don't hesitate to recommend. Published by Piccadilly Publishing and available as an instant download from Amazon UK and US and others.

Neil Hunter is a pseudonym of prolific western writer Mike Linaker. You can find my interview with him here together with an expansive list of his titles correct at the date of the interview.

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