Monday, 14 August 2017

New release: Legacy Of A Gunfighter by Terry James

My newest Black Horse Western is released on 1 September. Here's the artwork and the back cover information. It's one of my favourites, so far.

Following his release from prison, all gunfighter Luke Nicholls wants is revenge against William Grant, the man who almost killed him. Unfortunately, when the two meet, things don’t go the way Luke had imagined. Struck down by a mysterious malady, his confidence is shaken. More complications arise when Kate Portillo, a woman out to avenge the murder of her husband, tries to enlist his help. He refuses, determined not to lose sight of his own ambition, but Grant has other ideas. Dragged into a fight for survival, the odds are suddenly stacked even higher against Luke. As outside forces emerge and the game starts to take shape, Luke realizes that his part in it was never in doubt. This is the legacy of a gunfighter and he will have to dig deep to claim his reward.


  1. Congratulations, Jo. Good luck with LEGACY.

  2. Great news Jo.
    Funnily enough my next Western is called "Gunman's Legacy"!