Thursday, 30 November 2017

Books I read in October/November

Not a lot read in October and November so I've put them together. Far and away my favourite reads have been by John Benteen - Sundance/Fargo. Both full of action and historical detail. It's my intention now to read Sundance exclusively until I run out of books in the series or get fed up with him.

Panama Gold (Fargo no.2) – John Benteen
Shadow Flats – Brent Towns : An interesting mix of standard western and supernatural brought together in Brent's easy to read and well paced style.
The Reluctant Terrorist – Gary M Dobbs : A contemporary tale set in Wales with a very current plot. Ordinary people and situations painted larger than life and nicely complicated by a series of misadventures that are believable and unbelievable at the same time and lead to a complete and satisfying finale.

Squaw Man (An O’Brien Western Book 6) – Ben Bridges. 
Taps At Little Big Horn (A Sundance Western Book 5) - John Benteen
The Bronco Trail (A Sundance Western Book 6) - John Benteen

See you next month.


  1. You've got me beat this time.The only one of those I've read is Shadow Flats...but I did read Days of Evil by that Joe Slade 'bloke'.

  2. Joe Slade - sounds dodgy to me. haha