Sunday, 31 December 2017

Westerns I read in 2017

Here's my annual summary of the westerns I got through during the year - about 40, which is 7 fewer than last year. However, I have written 3 books this year, which is an amazing feat for me.

You'll see there's a definite pattern. I've read a lot of series books, which I hadn't done previously. As regular readers will know, Sundance has been far and away my favourite find although my interest waned at book 7. I'm still very much enjoying Bodie - Neil Hunter, O'Brien - Ben Bridges, and Fargo - John Benteen.

Some I've reviewed and some I haven't but most I've enjoyed.

Undercover Gun (A Clay Nash western Book 1) – Brett Waring
Rimrock Renegade – Ned Oaks
High Hell (A Bodie the Stalker Western Book 3) – Neil Hunter
Arizona Wild-Cat (A Larry and Stretch Western Book 2) – Marshall Grover


The Enforcer (A Bannerman the Enforcer Western Book 1) – Kirk Hamilton
A Gun is Waiting (A Clay Nash western Book 2) – Brett Waring
Long Ride To Serenity – Harry Jay Thorn (started)
Valley Of Thunder – Sam Clancy
The Vigilance Committee – Bill Sheehy (started)

A Man Called Crow – Chris Adam Smith
The Guns of Skeleton Ridge (Laramie Davies Book 5) – BS Dunn
Riding The Line – Will DuRey

Lightning Strike – Brent Towns

To The Death (A Company ‘C’ western book 1) – Brent Towns

A Gun For Shelby (a Drifter Bk 1) – Jake Henry
The Red Hills (A Crow Western 1) – James W Marvin
Even Marshals Hang – Sam Clancy
LeRoy US Marshal – Neil Hunter
Overkill (A Sundance western Bk1) – John Benteen

Hart The Regulator: Cherokee Outlet – John B Harvey
Dead Man’s Canyon (A Sundance western Bk2) – John Benteen
Nomads From Texas (Larry & Stretch Western Book 3) – Marshall Grover
Hangman’s Noose (An O’Brien Western Book 4) – Ben Bridges
Long Trail To Yuma (A Clay Nash Western Book 3) – Brett Waring

The Killing Trail (A Bodie the Stalker Western Book 4) – Neil Hunter
Hang ‘Em All (A Judge and Dury Western Book 1) – Ben Bridges
Heller (Luke Heller Book 1) – Ben Bridges
Silence Rides Alone – Charles Milstead (started)
Dakota Territory (A Sundance western bk3) – John Benteen

Trapp – MR Law

Riding For Justice (A Judge and Dury Western Book 2) – Ben Bridges
The Box Maker – SD Parker
Death In The Lava (A Sundance western Book 4) – John Benteen
Vermijo – Nelson Hunter
Fargo (Fargo no.1) – John Benteen
Reckoning At Rimrock (A Clay Nash Western Book 4) – Brett Waring

The Deadly Dollars (An O’Brien Western Book 5) – Ben Bridges
Panama Gold (Fargo no.2) – John Benteen
Shadow Flats – Brent Towns


Blaze! Redrock Rampage (Blaze! Western Series Book 15) – Ben Boulden (started)
Squaw Man (An O’Brien Western Book 6) – Ben Bridges
Taps At Little Big Horn (A Sundance Western Book 5) - John Benteen
The Bronco Trail (A Sundance Western Book 6) - John Benteen

The Wild Stallions (A Sundance Western Book 7) - John Benteen (Dec)