Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Review: LeRoy US Marshal - The Savage Breed by Neil Hunter

Latimer was a tough Texas town. But things got a whole heap tougher when Ralph Elphick decided he wanted the oil discovered on range owned by Callum Bascombe and his wife Abby. Elphick’s first move was to have Callum Bascombe ‘vanish’. He figured Abby would be only too willing to sign over the land after that.

But Abby was tougher than she looked—resourceful, too. Accepting that her husband was most likely dead, she penned a letter to the US Marshal’s office, asking for help in solving her problem.

That’s where US Marshal Alvin LeRoy came into it.

LeRoy slipped quietly into town, playing an undercover role while he checked out the lay of the land. But things didn’t go according to plan. He took a beating that laid him up and did nothing to make him feel any more kindly toward the bad guys.
Stubborn as hell, LeRoy just kept coming, until Elphick’s hired guns took a hand. Bullets flew and bodies piled up, but there was just no stopping him. By the time he was through, Latimer knew the fury of one man’s fight for justice ... US Marshal Alvin LeRoy’s kind of justice.

Having very much enjoyed the first book in the series, I was looking forward to reading more about LeRoy. Tough and on the whole uncomplicated, he is a man of action not afraid to put himself right in the middle of trouble to get the job done. This outing sees him up against a group of men arrogant enough to consider themselves too clever and important not to succeed in their evil plans. This makes LeRoy's understated handling of them that more satisfying.

If you enjoy a no-nonsense, well-rounded story with plenty of action I'd definitely recommend LeRoy. As always, Neil Hunter writes in an easy to read style and the story is well paced and leaves no loose ends whilst promising more adventures for the US Marshal.

Finally, make sure you read the bio at the end. 

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