Thursday, 14 April 2016

Book Review: Dry Gulch Revenge by Clay More

Fate hands Hank Hawkins the opportunity of achieving his ambition of buying a ranch, and all he has to do to make it happen is to make it easy for a gang to rob the stage in Devil's Bones Canyon.

Hank soon realizes, however, that the robbers never had any intention of leaving anyone alive and had planned a dry gulching.

He survives but regains consciousness back in Hastings Fork, and vows to track down the murderers who betrayed him and have his revenge, but, when he sets off, he finds he has a companion - Helen Curtis, the fiance of the messenger whose death lies on his conscience.

Hank has many things to figure out, such as why there was one body missing and things are about to get even more complicated with the threat of death for both of them never far away.

I am a big fan of Clay More and thought I had read all his books. Imagine my surprise when I found this one in the local library.

As always, Mr More sets a steady pace for the action to build and unfold, raising questions and revealing details that lead to a satisfying end. The characters are very believable and it's easy to get caught up in their story. Although Helen is not the main protagonist, she is not window dressing either, and this is a feature that I like. As with all Mr More's stories, the attention to detail is very good but he doesn't overdo his descriptions of the violence, which I appreciate. The prose flows and is very readable and as such you reach the end of the book far too soon and before you realize it.

If you like good writing and a story that makes sense, keeps you in the scene and engages you with the characters, you'll enjoy this one.

Personally, I hope to see something new from Clay More very soon.

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