Sunday, 15 May 2016

Book review: Border Gold by Sydney J Bounds

Texas Ranger Gil Palmer has orders to bring in El Lobo - The Wolf, leader of a band of Mexican outlaws - dead or alive. In the town of El Grande, he joins up with Alison and Keith Knox, travelling west on the trail of their grandfather's Spanish gold. As their journey unfolds, Gil finds out that he has a rival suitor for the red-headed Alison. And before the end of the trail, he will face the wrath of El Lobo in a bloody fight to the death...

I've read a few books by this author and always enjoy them.

This one is well paced and the scenes are well set with enough detail about the locations to put you there but not too much that it bogs down the story. I enjoyed the  feisty female character who was believably independent, and also the weaker character. Neither one was overdone or caricatured, as can happen. The hero is a man you can get behind, and the fact that he makes some glaringly obvious mistakes just makes him more human. The bad guys are exactly what you'd expect. The only thing I did notice as I reached the end, was that it was a bit light on actual beat 'em up scenes, for me personally. It didn't spoil my enjoyment though and, because I had the time, I read this in one day.

I'm now off to look for another by this author who, I believe, also writes as Ralph Savage.

Other books I've enjoyed by Sydney J Bounds include:
Killer Unmasked
Shadow Of The Noose


  1. Jo, I have Sydney J Bounds as writing under the following names too:
    Baron, Howard
    Black, Alexander
    Carne, Roger
    Daniels, Richard
    Foster, Sam
    Greener, Jack
    Guest, David
    Hammond, Paul
    Sanders, Wes
    Somers, David
    Sutton, Will
    Vaughan, Neil
    Wallace, Cliff

  2. You are a wealth of information. Thanks for that info. More for me to look for. :)