Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Site Of The First Train Robbery - fact or fiction

I saw this link about the first train robbery in the Old West and thought, 'Wow, so Jesse James and his gang were the first train robbers. I didn't know that.' Mmmm.... read on.

My favourite quote is: Not everything you read on the Internet is real - Abraham Lincoln.

With this in mind, I headed off to do a bit of research.

Apparently, according to various sources, the first (peacetime) moving train robbery was actually carried out in October 1866 in Indiana when the Ohio & Mississippi train was robbed by the Reno Gang. They opened one safe in-situ and threw the other off before absconding. They are believed to have carried out the first three moving train robberies and had quite a crime spree until they were caught and hanged in 1868.

Prior to this, trains had been robbed when they were at stations or in freight yards.

What do you think? Do you agree that 1866 was the first time (in peacetime) or do you know something I don't? 


  1. If they left out the comma it would be okay on the plaque...

  2. Maybe it's one of those subjective commas. :-)