Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Random - A writing prompt I tried

I don't do much prompt writing but I like this one. It's just a 5-minute bit of fun so no critique required thank you.

Prompt – first line of any song
I picked – Dixie Chicks ~ Cowboy Take Me Away

I said, I wanna touch the earth.

The lawdog looked up at the prisoner and frowned. “When I asked if you had any last words, they weren’t exactly what I had in mind.”

Bo Brown smiled but there was no joy in it, only mournful disappointment. He supposed he knew what the sheriff was getting at. He’d seen enough hangings to know that the accused man usually broke down, confessed his sins, asked forgiveness and called God his friend.

But Bo couldn’t bring himself to do it. He had committed the crime. True. But he felt no remorse. It had been old man Smithson or him and at the time he had thought his life was the better option. But now, with the noose chafing against the day old stubble around his throat, maybe on reflection a bullet to the brain would have been preferable to a slow choking death.

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