Saturday, 31 December 2016

Books I Read in 2016

I thought for my last post of the year I'd follow Western Fiction Review's example and post a list of the books I've read this year (mostly westerns). I've also included a couple of audio books but I didn't get on well with the format - I like to read not listen.

Along the way, I've discovered a few new authors I've enjoyed. These include BS Dunn (Laramie series), Mike Linaker (The Bodie Series), Ben Bridges (O'Brien series)

Paper books
Showdown at Dirt Crossing – Jack Dakota (Dec/Jan)
Smuggler’s Gulch – Logan Winters (Jan)
The Hellrakers – Owen G Irons (Feb)
Comes A Horseman - CJ Sommers (Feb)
Blood Money – DD Lang (Feb)
Long Ridin’ Man – Jake Douglas (Mar)
Death Comes Easy – Will Black (Apr)
Dry Gulch Revenge – Clay More (Apr)
Hell Come Calling – Josh Lockwood (Apr)
Old Guns – Ross Morton (May)
Border Gold – Sydney J Bounds (May)
Saloon – Owen G Irons (May)
McAndrew’s Stand – Bill Cartwright
The Devil’s Deacon – Emerson Dodge (Aug)
Tall Man’s Woman – Jake Douglas (Sept)
Yellow Town – Derek Rutherford (Oct)
The Mexican – Lee Clinton (Dec)

High Valley Manhunt - BS Dunn (Jan)
Apache Country – Christopher Kenworthy (Feb)
The Trail To Trinity – Owen G Irons (Feb)
West Texas Gunrunners – BS Dunn (Feb)
Mountain Justice – BS Dunn (Feb/Mar)
Killing Time – Jack Giles (Mar)
Slaughter Above The Border – BS Dunn (April)
Last Stand In Sanctuary – BS Dunn (April)
Redemption Trail (Short) – Clay More (June)
Brolin – BS Dunn (June)
Fury at Bent Fork – BS Dunn (June)
The Drygulch Trail – Ned Oaks (July)
The Gunsmoke Serenade – Thomas McNulty (July)
Death Came Calling – Adam Smith (July)
The Angry Land – Samuel A Peeples (July)
The McCallum Boys – CJ Sommers (July)
Dead man’s Eyes – Derek Rutherford (Aug)
Long Trail to Redemption – BS Dunn (Aug)
Hell Paso – Matt Cole (Aud-Sept)
The Silver Trail (1) – Ben Bridges (Sept)
Shadow Peak – Matt Cole (Sept/Oct)
Last Stage From Hell’s Mouth – Derek Rutherford (Oct)
Hard As Nails – Ben Bridges (Oct)
Mexico Breakout – Ben Bridges (Nov)
Trackdown (A Bodie the Stalker western 1) – Neil Hunter (Nov)
Bitter Is The Dust – Scott Gese (Nov)
The Boot Hill Breed – Ned Oaks (Nov/Dec)
Savage (A Drifter Western Book 1) – Jake Henry  (Dec)
Bloody Bounty (A Bodie the Stalker western 2) – Neil Hunter (Dec)
Drift (A Larry & Stitch Western Book 1) – Marshall Grover
An Elephant in the Garden - Michael Morpurgo

M or N – Agatha Christie (Feb)
Caves of Steel – Isaac Asimov (Feb/Mar) – unfinished


  1. I'm glad to see an Emerson Dodge made your list. And a Larry and Stretch.