Sunday, 29 January 2017

Books I read in January

Here are the westerns I read this month. I've included links to those that I've already reviewed and comments to those I haven't.

Undercover Gun (A Clay Nash western) – Brett Waring

Rimrock Renegade – Ned Oaks

High Hell (A Bodie the Stalker Western Book 3) – Neil Hunter
Comment: I'm enjoying the Bodie books and only wish I had more time to read them.

Arizona Wild-Cat (A Larry and Stretch Western Book 2) – Marshall Grover
Comment: A partnership made in heaven, a tight plot, fist fights, gun fights and humour. What's not to like?

Showdown In Badlands - Shorty Gunn
Comment: I bought this book by accident but I'm happy to say it was a fortunate slip of the finger. Once the story got going I couldn't wait to read on. The bad guys are as mean as mean can be. The good guys are...I leave you to decide. All I will say is that everyone seemed to get their just desserts in the end and I didn't feel any remorse over the outcomes. I'll be reading more by Shorty Gunn.

See you in February.

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