Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Books I read in March

Here are the books I read in March. I've decided I read too many westerns and from now on I intend to include at least one other genre each month. As usual, I've included comments that are just my opinion.


A Man Called Crow - Chris Adam Smith (also writes as Harry Jay Thorn)
Comment: I really enjoyed this. Unusually, it's written in first and third person point of view but this didn't bother me as the transitions were smooth. With lots of characters all adding to the story and plenty of action, I finished this in a few days and am looking forward to reading something else by this author.

The Guns of Skeleton Ridge: Laramie Davies no. 5 by BS Dunn
Comment: I love the Laramie Davies books and this one didn't disappoint. He's a no-nonsense gunslinger and that leads to action and excitement in bucketloads. By far my favourite character from this author.

Riding The Line - Will DuRey
Comment: I really enjoyed this. Good guys, bad guys, Indians, senseless shootings, injustices, wrongs righted. It had it all and I was on tenter hooks until the end wondering what the outcome was going to be.


Frenchman's Creek - Daphne DuMaurier
Comment: I'm no stranger to DuMaurier, having read several over the years. I enjoyed it, although the ending was bittersweet and I find the style a bit slow. I love the depth of her characters though and that's very important to me.

See you for another update at the end of April.


  1. Interesting review.I struggled with 'A Man Called Crow' and gave up in the end.

    Is it possible to read too many westerns? I didn't know that. (lol)

  2. Sometimes stories are like that - just not the one for you. It happened to me last month with a book by this same author under a pseudonym, would you believe. As for reading too many westerns - that's purely related to the lack of diversity in my reading. Thanks for taking the time to comment.