Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Read and Reviewed: Valley of Thunder by Sam Clancy

Josh Ford was the best man the Marshal Service had, so when the Governor of Montana needed someone to look into the disappearance of wagon trains in the Bitterroots, Ford was the man they chose. What he found was a brutal autocrat who ruled with such terror, the like of which had never been seen by Ford. From Helena, Montana, to the Bitterroot Mountains, then on to Seattle, Ford fights for his life and the lives of others against a maniac and his small army. When a final twist puts it all in jeopardy, Ford realizes that the badge he wears may be the difference between law and justice.

I've given this book 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads and deservedly so, in my opinion. It's a rich story, well told and nicely written. From the outset I found it difficult to put down and, unusually for me, I finished it in three easy sittings. I enjoyed the short, pacy chapters and the way each one left me breathless to read the next. The descriptive writing is superb and I saw each landscape and action sequence in full technicolour as though it were playing out on a cinema screen. Each character was drawn with enough detail to substantiate their part in this fast moving tale. I believed I was there. I felt the pain. In my opinion, there was no fat in this story, no padding. It promised sweeping adventure and it delivered in spades.

I know this author quite well, we chat regularly, he's a nice guy and I like him and it could be argued I'm biased. It's true I've read and enjoyed everything he's written (barring the very latest, which I have to catch up on soon) but in his own words to me '...5 stars.You must have enjoyed don't give them up without a fight'. I have been a fairly harsh critic of his writing in the past, never his storytelling which is always fantastic, more a lack of attention to typos, grammar and the like, but for what it's worth I believe the author writing as Sam Clancy, BS Dunn and Jake Henry has done what we should all be doing as writers and honed his craft so that he can now take his place among the best known and well loved western authors out there.

If you only read one book this month, read this one.

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