Thursday, 6 July 2017

Review: Even Marshals Hang by Sam Clancy

'They'll send him next,' Perry croaked again. 'He'll come and he'll kill you all.' 'Who?' 'Ford.' Josh Ford, United States Deputy Marshal! When it comes to fighting outlaws, he's hell on wheels and this time he'll need to be. Two of their own have disappeared in the Moose River Mountains and the trail leads to Stay. A small town under the heel of a brutal vigilance committee led by a killer known only as 'The Judge'. From the moment Ford arrives, there is literally the stench of death in the air. And after being forced into a gunfight he doesn't want and then sentenced to hang, the stench only gets stronger. They were warned. They've never seen the likes of Ford!

Having read the first Josh Ford story Valley Of Thunder (review here), I was looking forward to this. It didn't disappoint.

Well established and new characters come together seamlessly in a story of corruption and hard-won justice. As always, Sam Clancy populates his narrative with a large cast and you can never be sure who's going to survive to the end with plenty of action, near misses and no regard for the number of victims. The story is fast paced and moves from place to place with seamless ease making it an easy and pleasurable read.

As always with this author (aka Brent Towns, Jake Henry) I am happy to recommend this book to die-hard western fans and newbies alike. With its nod to the westerns of bygone years, it's guaranteed not to disappoint.

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